ABRA Holding is a direct continuation of the investment and acquisition activities of the original ABRA Software. We have been building our portfolio over the years to achieve great teams and products that are complementary and mutually supportive. This brings better work productivity and working conditions for all.

2023acquisition of Logio
we strengthened our Supply Chain Management, pricing and large-scale logistics
acquisition of INEKON SYSTEMS
we strengthened our BI, controlling, budgeting, forecasting and planning
2021acquisition of FLORES Software
we strengthened our sophisticated production and process
oriented systems
acquisition of Systematiq
we strengthened our IT infrastructure and cloud services
2013acquisition of FlexiBee Systems s.r.o.
we strengthened our full-cloud web applications for dynamic smaller companies
acquisition of Neotech products and team
we strengthened our e-commerce and customer solutions segment
2007acquisition of production SW from Beta Control
acquisition of Tango products and team
we strengthened our cash desk systems and gastro production segment
1997acquisition of production SW from KSH