We connect IT companies. In⠀Europe.

We invest. In companies, products and people that drive IT forward.

We put together great teams, experts and technologies within Central Europe to provide Czech and foreign customers and employees with exceptional benefits. We choose interesting and complementary software companies and invest in people who have real expertise. We connect intellectual and financial capital. And we love it.

ABRA Holding

Our strategy

At ABRA Holding, we know that synergies make 1+1 = 3. We have created a unique group combining a well-though-out portfolio of companies, cultivated investment capital from Western Europe and an open company culture. We have a range of specialists and managers, technologies, tools for writing modern applications, proven workflows and Europe-wide experience. Let’s join forces and move your company forward together.

We believe

In values, a great corporate culture and open communication.

We combine

The benefits of a strong European investment group with intellectual capital in Central Europe.

We love

Software. It makes people’s work better and more efficient, helps companies grow and drives them forward.

IT connects

We admire the efficiency of the Swiss, the precision of the Germans and the dynamics of the Slovaks. At ABRA Holding, we aim to combine these benefits into one whole.