Jaroslav Řasa, Monika Vondráková, Martin Jirmann

Entry into strategic partnership with Elvaston Capital

The German investment company Elvaston Capital and ABRA Software, a leader in information systems for companies of all sizes, have announced a strategic partnership. Together, they plan to build up a strong IT group focused on corporate information systems in Central and Western Europe.

“The story began seven years ago, when I realized that ABRA had to change. I persuaded and hired Monika Vondráková, an expert in strategic brand building, to join our company. We created a new vision and strategy of where we’re headed and what we must achieve. Together with Martin Jirmann, CEO, we took an in-depth look at our products and services, and above all at work with people. It was incredibly hard work and quite an adventure. And it paid off,” remarks Jaroslav Řasa, founder of ABRA Software, with respect to the journey on which ABRA gradually started attracting investors.

“The company was growing, there were plenty of buy-out offers. We were not aiming to retire, so we refused with thanks. We considered entering the stock market, but in the end found this unadvisable,” explains the experienced entrepreneur. The situation changed with the arrival of the Elvaston group. “It was obvious that we shared an outlook for the future and felt that our coming together would make 1 + 1 = 3. That we took the right steps was clearly confirmed in the valuation, and we are thrilled by our new cooperation,” adds Mr. Řasa.

“By incorporating ABRA Software into our group, we acquired a very successful and dynamic technology house based in Prague,” says Dr. Oliver Thum, Managing Partner of Elvaston. “We look forward to our collaboration. ABRA Software is our first investment in the region and the base for our activities in the Czech Republic, with a view to operating on European markets.”

“The reason for the crucial decision, in addition to the shared views on expansion and development in the field, were the values upheld by both companies. “This is absolutely fundamental to us, both now and in the future,” notes senior manager Monika Vondráková.

“The new partnership with Elvaston with strengthen our products and services and accelerate business expansion. We are delighted to have gained an experienced partner to move us forward,” says Martin Jirmann, CEO of ABRA Software.

ABRA Software and its products are becoming the foundation for operation on the said markets. With Elvaston Capital, it is planning to expand through further acquisitions. Yet this is not a matter of collecting turnover at any price, but rather of finding the best companies with strong leaders and teams, with a view to raising the value of cutting-edge software solutions on local and Western markets.

Both parties have agreed not the publicize the transaction value.

About ABRA Software a.s.:

ABRA develops cutting-edge modern information systems for companies of all sizes in all sectors. Its key account customers include Prusa Research, ESET, Hama, Liftago, KB-Blok, Petrof, Dobrý Anděl, Yves Rocher, Gutta, Saint Gobain, Knihy Dobrovský, Twisto and more. It has offices in Czechia, Slovakia and Switzerland. More information at www.abra.eu

About Elvaston Capital:

Elvaston is an investment company specializing in software firms in Europe. Elvaston guides profitable companies in various corporate software segments and focuses on organic growth and buy & build strategies. More information at www.elvaston.com

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Monika Vondráková, monika.vondrakova@abra.eu, phone: +420 603 803 390